At Family Landscaping & Lawn care our goal is to make a landscape for you that uniquely fits your family and your needs. To that end, each design is a special plan different from any other. We consult with you at your home to determine the use of the landscaped area and any preferences in plant material. The design may incorporate patio and walkway areas, water features, or raised beds. We can blend shrubs with perennials to help give more color interest, and we can design for the homeowner in mind who has no green thumb and wants low maintenance and durability. Whether it is a front entrance way or an estate, we will give you the look that suits your family.

Once the needs have been assessed and the area measured, the work is taken back to the computer to generate a scale drawing of the area to be landscaped. Hardscapes are put in and plants and trees are plugged in as the beds are designed. This work is brought back to you so that revisions can be made to get your look just right. We look together at pictures of the various plants so you are familiar with what will be in your yard. Only when you are satisfied with the drawing do we move on to the final construction phase.