The Basic Lawn Fertilization Program is designed to give your lawn a controlled feeding of nutrients throughout the growing season, while at the same time eliminating the weeds and insect pests that can damage the turf. During the season a trained technician will visit your home four times to apply the appropriate materials. They will assess the lawn’s health at those visits and make recommendations as needed so that your grass is kept in the optimum condition. Important advice and information about your lawn or landscape is only a phone call away to those participating in the Basic Program. The program consists of these elements:
High quality slow release nitrogen is applied to ensure continual growth and good color. Differing amounts of phosphorous and potash are included in the mixture depending on the need, time of year and weather conditions.
Crabgrass Control
This long lasting pre-emergent product is applied in early spring to stop the sprouting of crabgrass and annual weeds that can grow more aggressively than your grasses and interfere with their survival.
Broadleaf Weed Control
The only liquid product applied in the program, this is sprayed on weeds such as dandelion and clover where it is taken in by the plant and translocates to the root destroying the whole plant. In many cases it is applied with a hand sprayer to minimize the chemicals applied to the lawn.
Surface Insect Control
This product is applied in early summer to knock down the population of surface feeding insects such as chinch bugs. It has a short active release time and is not meant to kill all insects in the lawn but to significantly reduce their population so there will be no turf damage. It is intended for surface insects and will not affect grubs below the surface of the grass.
PH Soil Test
A simple soil test is taken from samples around the yard in mid summer to determine the PH level of the soil. Having the correct PH level is one of the most important elements in growing healthy turf. Lime is often needed to increase the PH level up to 6.2 which is the optimum for growing grass.