Any landscape beds in your yard that border on lawn area will be affected by grass creeping in. It is natural for grass to spread, and a mulched shrub bed provides a perfect growing medium for it. Most people do not have the time to tend to this and their beds become clogged and ugly from the grass and weeds growing there. To prevent this creep and to define a clean edge to the beds, landscape edging can be installed. There are several options.
This is the most common and least expensive. It is a plastic band that is trenched into the soil around the bed and then spiked into place so it cannot come up again. When it is installed properly all that is seen is a round tube on the shaped into curves which makes a desirable look for all home landscapes.
Wood timbers come in a 6” x 6” size or 4” x 4” size depending on the site and needs. They are dug into the ground, leveled and spiked with metal bars to keep them in place. They can make an attractive raised physical barrier along a shrub bed. The only disadvantage to them is that they must border a straight bed.
There are several options.
Brick shaped colored concrete laid in a trench on end or at an angle can make a nice edging that can be curved or straight.
Colored concrete in an 8” x 12” rectangle is dug into a trench in the ground to make curved or straight lines.
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Colored concrete stone in a 5”quadrilateral shape. The sides have the same length while the top is longer than the bottom. Due to this feature they can be placed side by side to make either a curve or a straight line.