In today’s landscapes the hardscapes such as patios and walkways are becoming more and more common. Your home should reflect your own style and taste and the hardscapes you incorporate into your yard can be an extension of that style in outdoor rooms. Many people are opting to put in a patio in their new constructions rather than a deck due to its durability and attractiveness. All the patios and walkways are constructed in the same manner and the most important aspect is the foundation. When the foundation is constructed properly the patio will remain level and tight for years to come. It needs to have a deep compacted gravel base with mason sand on top onto which the pavers are laid. This will aid in draining water away from the patio area and prevents the freezing and thawing in winter that would destroy the integrity of the structure.
The pavers themselves are a dyed concrete product. They come in a staggering number of colors and shapes depending on your preference. They have the advantage over a concrete slab in that they will never crack. If an area has to be dug up, the pavers can be lifted and then put back into place. They are also cooler in hot summer temperatures and their surface does not grow algae and become slippery like natural brick can. They fit tightly together with just room enough for some sand to be brushed between them. This prevents arrant weeds from beginning in the spaces between the pavers which can be a nuisance. The pavers can be cut easily to form any shape or design. The outside edges of the patio or walkway are contained with a hidden L-shaped rigid plastic edging that spikes into the ground to prevent any lateral movement of the pavers.