Ponds & Waterfalls
In today’s hectic world many people are looking to their yards for a restful retreat from the hectic pace they lead all week. The sound of water moving and falling helps shut out the sounds of the outside world and can homeowners tranquility and quiet in their own private sanctuary. A pond and/or waterfall can be an ideal addition to your yard. Filled with fish and water plants, it gives a wonderful added dimension to any landscape. The ponds can be equipped with automatic pond skimmers that will take any material falling on the surface and whisk it into a hidden filter.

A pond, even a small one, is not for everyone. They do require some maintenance in replacing water and cleaning the filter. But the rewards as you relax in your yard and enjoy the sounds are tremendous. They are constructed with EPDM rubber liners underneath that are then covered with natural stones to disguise it. The result is a pond that looks real and natural as if it had been there forever.

Even if you are not ready for a full pond yet you can have the sound of moving water in your landscape with a small water feature on your patio or next to it that can block the sounds of the world and help you to relax.