Retaining Walls
In many yards with slopes, a retaining wall is a must to give as much usability as possible to the landscape. A terraced area gives a flat surface for entertaining or play that would be a hazard on a slope. Stone added into the landscape adds richness to a planting and value to the home. Today there are many options for constructing a beautiful retaining wall.
Concrete Paving Stones
Even though they are made of concrete, there is no concrete look. They are a dyed product so there are several colors to choose from and they have textured fronts which make an appealing wall. Some of these segmented have a “step back” feature which means they lean into the hill they are against and we can easily incorporate stairs into them to make transitions between levels in a yard easier.
Goshen Stone
Goshen stone quarried in this area is a natural flat stone. It comes in different thicknesses and has a gray look with flecks of iron ore in it which can give it a rusty look in places. Due to its flatness, it can be easily stacked and trimmed to make an beautiful wall for retaining a hill or for free standing uses.
Wood pressure treated 6” x 6” timbers can be stacked together to make a retaining wall. The bottom layer is spiked into he ground and the upper layers are attached to each other. This works only where a straight section of wall is needed.